Sound Booster 0.30 Update

The 0.30 version update to Sound Booster has just been uploaded to the Mac App Store. What started out as a compatibility update for Apple's latest OS X 10.12 "macOS Sierra" turned out to be a fairly significant update.

Under the hood, the most helpful change is probably how the audio is handled by the Sound Booster Driver and Sound Booster App, which now aggressively checks audio timestamps and eliminates all video/audio out of sync issues.

Another notable change is the "Sleep When Idle" feature, which will put Sound Booster to sleep if sound has not been played for a user-specified period of time to conserve CPU. However, this feature is experimental, and short notification sounds that wake it up may not be heard due to the delay of waking up.

The final major change is the ability to use bluetooth headsets or other audio output devices that you have on your Mac. This setting, like Sleep When Idle, can be found in Preferences under the Advanced tab.

There are other smaller changes and modifications as well, see the abbreviated change log summary below. Head over to the Mac App Store and check it out now, or see the screenshots from the 0.30 update.

[Major Changes]
* Aggressive syncing to prevent video/audio out of sync issue
* Added setting to allow bluetooth or other external devices to be used with Sound Booster
* Added setting to allow Sound Booster to sleep if idle after a set period of time (Experimental)

[Minor Changes]
* Speed improvements when turning on and off volume boost/equalizer
* Added setting to display equalizer details
* Added Turn On/Off Equalizer button to the status bar pop up
* Tested to be fully compatible with macOS Sierra (10.12)

[File Volume Booster]
* Produce MP4 Audio (m4a) files instead of MP3 files in File Volume Booster
* Better clipping control for File Volume Booster to reduce distortion


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